Finally! Hair Accessories That I Don’t Hate! (and GIVEAWAY)

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So, I’ve been seeing Lilla Rose hair jewelry popping up everywhere in the past couple of years, but I never really jumped on the bandwagon because my hair has been too short to try out the super popular flexi-clip. And in the past I’ve been disappointed in hair accessory items, because all the ones I buy inevitably break the first time I wear them (same reason I quit buying necklaces!). But then my blogging friend Mandi became an independent consultant and I was checking out her site and everything was just so pretty! So when she offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers, I was all in.


She sent me a beautiful smoky topaz headband that works great in my super short hair and makes me feel dressed up when I wear it (the one thing I struggle with when I cut my hair short is the monotony, so a nice accessory is really fun.) It’s SO well-made and has a band at the back that’s adjustable so it doesn’t give me a headache like most headbands do.



And she sent little miss Lucy a pair of beautiful heart-shaped bobby pins. Oh my word, y’all. I love ’em! I’ve been buying little bows and pins for her for months and then they only make it through one wearing before falling out or breaking. So I took a good look at these puppies and I think the difference is that the decorative heart is actually soldered onto the pin instead of glued so it’s not going to fall off at any second.

They’re sturdy and stay in her super fine hair perfectly. They even survived a nature walk complete with lots of toddler shenanigans so they’ll now be our special pins for Mass and other fancy occasions because they can handle going through the ringer.


(Toddler shenanigans–bobby pin still intact!)

So, I’m sold on them. The products were super high quality and very reasonably priced and I will definitely be revisiting Mandi’s Lilla Rose site for Christmas shopping. Β Pretty things and supporting a young mama’s business in one fell swoop? Yes, please.

And now, your chance to try out the products! Independent Consultant Mandi Richards is offering the giveaway winner one free Lilla Rose item valued at up to $16! Oh, andΒ Lilla Rose will exchange items for free for 90 days, and guarantees them against defects for a whole year. Pretty cool. So enter away, sweet readers! (And this is my first time using Rafflecopter for a giveaway so please let me know if you’re having any trouble getting it to work!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway closes next Monday evening.

Disclosure: Lucy and I received our complimentary hair jewelry to review from Independent Consultant Mandi Richards.

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  1. Kaitlin @ More Like Mary says

    I like the You-Pins. I just might actually wear those. Teach me your rafflecopter ways! I’m a failure.

  2. Sarah says

    I’d never heard of Lilla Rose before, but the Flexi Hair Clip sounds AMAZING! I wear my hair half up/half down most of the time, so it would get lots of use!

  3. Heather says

    I love the headbands! I, too, have never found a headband that doesn’t give me a headache but I so love the look!

  4. says

    I’ve been trying and trying to win one of these certificates because I desperately need one of those flexi-clips! Right now my hair is literally being tied in a ponytail with a piece of old pantyhose!!! I can’t believe I’m even admitting that publicly.

  5. Holly says

    I’ve seen these on lots of blogs lately and really need to try one out! I love the look of the the tiger lily flexi.

  6. Erin says

    I’m strongly considering making the chop on my own hair, but even now, I wear my bangs pinned back almost every single day. A pretty new clip or pin would be great!

  7. Kristin says

    I love the headbands and the hair clips. I also have short hair and my daughter has fine hair. So both of these products seem great for us!

  8. says

    I love hair accessories! I never buy them though because I don’t want to waste the money if I don’t end up wearing it. A little silly because I could always just wear it and the problem would be solved.

  9. Serena says

    I’m intrigued! I had a pixie cut for years but have been growing it out. I’m looking for new things to do with my shoulder-length hair!

  10. says

    I’ve only entered like 300 Lilla Rose giveaways to date. lol. & I never have seen the headbands featured in a post before. Very pretty!

    I still want to get my hands on a flexi clip someday.

  11. says

    I so much want that treble clef flexi, but I just can’t justify spending $16 on a hair accessory… If I win one, maybe I’ll be hooked!

  12. says

    Thanks so much for the toddler review specifically. I love the flexi 8 clips but was wondering about the pins for my little girl too! It’s good to know they have been tried and tested and held up.

  13. Rebecca Newport says

    I love the Flexi-clips—I would have a very hard time picking out which one! My hair is so thick. I have a hard time finding things to use in it.

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