Sailor Hats and Where You Can Find Me Today


Happy Monday, dear ones. We’re keeping busy with a new project that I can’t wait to tell you about later this week. In the meantime, you can find the first part of my Catholicism: Empowering Women series from a few months ago posted over at Catholic Exchange this morning!

And here’s an adorable picture of Lucy all dressed up for my precious goddaughter’s baptism yesterday to tide you over:


She felt pretty swell about wearing such a great hat to Mass…until she hit her chin on the pew, bit her tongue, and Daniel had to take the poor screaming gal outside to console her. Our goddaughter was a vision of adorableness. It’s the first time Daniel and I have had the honor of being godparents and I have to admit, it is grand. We celebrated afterwards with mead and these cookies. 



  1. Melissa H-K says

    Lucy looks just wonderful! And she knew it, didn’t she? :-D Poor baby, though, hurting herself!

    I have always wanted to be a godparent, but it never happened. Now I’m 57, so I’m probably too old for anybody to choose me. Oh, well.

  2. Ashley Dawson says

    I went over to Catholic Exchange and read your article. It was beautifully written! As a Protestant, I have encountered a lot of people in the church who look at women as second-class citizens. Even some women! It’s super unfortunate. The point that you made about Mary being the Mother of God, and not just the Mother of Jesus, really struck a nerve with me (in a good way!).
    Keep up your writing! This Protestant loves your blog! :)

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