My Attempt to Get Healthy After Pregnancy (Shaklee Review and GIVEAWAY)

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Since suffering through some debilitating morning sickness in my last pregnancy, I mentioned to the Carrots FB community that I was brainstorming nutrition and supplement changes in order to get healthy and (hopefully) avoid the extreme morning sickness if we’re blessed with another pregnancy. In addition to decreasing sugar intake in order to promote a healthy gut, I want to work hard to increase my magnesium levels and B vitamin intake (two big players in the anti-morning sickness league!). Carrots reader and Shaklee representative, Angela Thomas, sent me some B-Complex and agreed to a giveaway so we can all get healthy together!

A Little Bit About Shaklee:

My mom was green before it was cool and we grew up using Shaklee products because they’re non-toxic and high quality, but I haven’t tried out their supplements in my adult life until now. Shaklee performs over 100,000 quality tests a year. The ingredients are tested before they even go into production – both in house and 3rd party. What I didn’t know until recently is that Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral certified which means they fully offset their carbon emissions for a net-zero impact on the environment. I knew they were a green company, but I didn’t know they took sustainability so seriously. So I was excited for the chance to try out some Shaklee supplements!

My Review:

B12 is known for providing a boost in energy and after a couple of weeks of taking the supplement, I did notice that I was feeling more energetic (despite those middle of the night nursing sessions with Baby Gwen!). It also contains Folic Acid, which I try to take regularly (my Dr. told me that all sexually-active women should take folic acid because it decreases risk of neural tube defects in babies.)  But Folic Acid is really hard for your body to absorb in supplement form, so Shaklee’s B-Complex has a Patented Bioactivated Absorption System to help your body effectively absorb the vitamins. I take the supplement first thing in the morning because B vitamins can help reduce sugar cravings which is something I struggle with.  I’ve been very happy with the product and I’m excited to give my readers the opportunity to win a bottle!

The giveaway winner will receive Shaklee’s B-Complex (a blend of all eight B vitamins) and a Shaklee membership which includes 15% off Shaklee purchases. Giveaway closes on Friday, August 30th at midnight EST. Residents of the U.S. only (sorry, international readers, we love you!)

There are two ways to enter the giveaway and you can do one or both.

1. Visit the Shaklee website and leave a comment telling us what product you are most interested in.

2. “Like” Angela’s Shaklee FB page and leave a separate comment telling us you did.

Keep in mind that you have to leave a separate comment if you enter a second time.

I think Shaklee’s B-Complex is a great product to take between pregnancies, for busy moms, or for anyone who wants to boost their energy and replenish their B vitamin levels. I will announce a winner next week. Good luck!

Disclosure: My Shaklee membership and a bottle of Shaklee B-Complex to review were complimentary. All opinions in this review are my own. I am very particular about the products I review and will never recommend a product I would not use myself.

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  1. Norah says

    Thank you for the information about Shaklee products. I may have to give them a shot too, but would be most interested in the shakleekids incre divides. I like the idea of healthy, earth friendly supplements! Could be a good lesson in there, too. 🙂

  2. Alison says

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been meaning to look into Shaklee vitamins for my slightly-anemic 3-year-old but would also be interested in trying the B Complex for myself!

  3. Karla Hedgers says

    As someone who suffered from hyperemesis with both my pregnancies, I would love to try the b complex and magnesium duo. I found that zofran took the edge off, but if I could prevent it from even occurring in the first place, I would be one happy (and productive) mama! I’ve never heard of these products before, but I am definitely looking into them further! Thanks for your insight!

  4. says

    I visited the website – I think the product I’d like to try is the Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee (the Vanilla Chai flavor sounds delicious!!).

  5. says

    Timing is perfect for this recommendation! I’ve been doing a cleanse since mid-month; two weeks into it, I feel so much better! I’ve started off vegan and am going to add healthful amounts of other things one at a time to keep it controlled–I tend to binge, hence the cutting myself off completely, which seems drastic.

    I’m taking a lot of vitamins and supplements right now, and I was just looking at a B-vitamin supplement to go with my fiber, adrenaline supplements, and mutli-vitamin. On the website, I wouldn’t mind a try for the Turnaround kit as well.

  6. says

    I’ve heard amazing things about their prenatal formula and children’s vitamins; they’d definitely top my list! Thanks for the giveaway, Haley =)

  7. says

    I visited the website! I would love to try that B Complex with the Folic acid! I have a huge problem with sugar cravings, energy, and just general grumpiness. I heard the B vitamins are great for helping with PMS, too. Which is awesome, because a couple months ago, I had PMS for like, two weeks. It was miserable, especially for the husband. 🙂

  8. says

    Your “green” mom also took Shaklee nutritional supplements and protein poweder before, during, and after each of my pregnancies. I wonder if this is why I had a mild case of “morning sickness” each time?

    I also gave each of my infants the Shaklee liquid vitamins, whenever they were old enough.

    I “liked” Angel’s FB page.

  9. Natalie says

    There are so many great products it is hard to decide which I am most interested in! Probably the kids chewable vitamins — we have been having one sickness after another all summer, and my kiddos could really use a boost (Flintstones gummies are just not cutting it!).

  10. Leah R. says

    I’m interested in B12 and other supplements for pregnant moms. (I submitted a comment through the website.)

  11. Kate says

    I would like the B-complex, too! Actually I’ve been thinking so much about trying to avoid the morning sickness next time around (God willing), and would love to try Shaklee’s B. Thanks for hosting this!!

  12. Margaret says

    I’d love to try anything that could help prevent morning sickness next time around- it’s so miserable.

  13. Julianne S says

    I visited the website, and would like to try EVERYTHING. 😉 I was particularly interested in the Optiflora Prebiotic and Probiotic System; I have IBD and am always on the lookout for quality probiotic products. Also, the Vitalizer Women product looked fantastic.

  14. says

    The CorEnergy product looks enticing – I am on the lookout to provide myself with more energy and not drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day to do so. Weariness is becoming a major issue in me being able to keep a house running. =/

    So, yay for awesome Energy products!!!!

  15. says

    this sounds great! i went to the webesite and they have lots of great products and i would love to try the b-complex. i’ve noticed a big difference when i keep up on taking b12 and folic acid, but i’m not convinced that the vitamins i currently get are the best quality.

    i also liked angela’s shaklee fb page 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  16. says


    I think I’d be most interested in either the B-Complex or the OsteoMatrix (360 caps- it’s a better deal!). My family has a history of osteoporosis, and I’d like to be pro-active in fighting that!

  17. says

    I like the Get Clean Kits. I try to make my own cleaners, but sometimes I just don’t seem to find the time (at least not exactly when I need them). It would be nice to know I have some backup cleaners without the nasty chemicals just in case.

  18. Stephanie says

    As well being interested in the supplements, I am always looking for cleaning products without all those chemicals. I would love to try the getting started kit!

  19. StephanieH says

    Thanks for the review! I would also love to try the B-Complex and Magnesium for the reasons you addressed (morning sickness during pregnancy, crazy sugar cravings always…) or the prebiotic and probiotic duo.

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