Welcome to the Family, Gwen! Newborn Photos by Sarah Gray

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When Benjamin was a newborn, I would stare down at him, trying to carve every line of his tiny face in my memory. But by the next day he would look different and I couldn’t recall exactly how he’d looked the night before. I am so grateful that we have beautiful photos of his first week taken by a photographer friend.

But when Lucy arrived, I didn’t book a newborn session and I deeply regret that I don’t have any good images to remember those sweet first days of her life. My photography has improved vastly since the early days of this blog (yikes, people, YIKES), but my skills are still pretty dreadful. So, I was thrilled when my super talented friend Sarah Gray of Sarah Gray Photography agreed to do a newborn shoot for Gwen and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites with you!


I just can’t handle the cuteness of this four day old pumpkin! It was such a sweet and precious day. Sarah comes over to your house for newborn sessions because she’s fantastic and knows that new babies and mamas are not ready to be out and about. And the house was a mess and the “big kids” were rowdy, but Sarah sweetly pretended not to notice.


In addition to the more traditional newborny shots, I really wanted some images of our family just getting to know this new little person. So, Sarah followed us around the house for a morning and snapped pictures of sweet moments.


Be still my heart. Benjamin has been going through this phase where he doesn’t like being photographed and I was worried he would refuse to be in the pictures. But Sarah used her Jedi mind tricks and answered all his 4-year-old questions about photography equipment until he was Mr. Cooperative.


ย And now for my favorite of the bunch:


Sweetest big brother ever.


And oh my. His beard is the size of the baby.


This shot captures little Gwen so perfectly. She is such a doll. And already adores her Daddy. He can calm her in her fussy moments so much better than I can.


I think these photos are so lovely and it’s astounding to me that Sarah got such amazing shots even though our house has the WORST lighting ever. It’s so dark, even with all the windows open and every photo I try to take inside turns out grainy. I’m so grateful to have these beautiful images of our family just as we were when we welcomed a new little person into our hearts.

You can see a few more sweet photos of Miss Gwen over at Sarah’s beautiful blog.

And attention Tallahassee area folks! Sarah just created a special “Baby Plan” for keeping memories of your child’s first year. The package fee is $350 for 4 custom sessions (3, 6, 9, and 12 months) at a beautiful private residence, as well as an ordering session to choose an image from each sitting to include in a matted and framed portrait of your child’s first year. Also included is an 8×10 print from each of the four sessions (and digital copies). You will receive %50 off your newborn or maternity session fee as well, if you book one of those. It’s quite a steal since the value of the plan if purchased separately is $830!ย 

And just for my readers, Sarah is offering 50% off of a family session or $100 off the Baby Plan if you “like” the Sarah Gray Photography Facebook Page and follow her blog!ย 

You can contact her and join the Baby Plan on the Sarah Gray Photography site.

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  1. says

    She is so beautiful and it was such a joy photographing her and your sweet family. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad you’re enjoying your pictures!

  2. Katie Lewis says

    She is so perfectly precious! I just love these pictures. The one with Benjamin’s head on her is my favorite I think.

    But where is little Lucy?

    • Haley says

      Lucy was being Miss Grumpy that morning, haha. She was NOT interested in being photographed and was only happy snuggling with Daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    Oh my, she is such a little pixie baby! Love her! Such sweet moments captured. If we are blessed again, I definitely need to do this.

  4. Evelyn says

    Precious! I also love Daniel’s pelican tattoo! Very fitting for the moment. My parish in college had a stained glass window of a pelican. Always loved that imagery. You have a very beautiful family!

  5. says

    Lovely! So very sweet!

    I wish I had gotten really early professional portraits done of our wee-lings. Ginny didn’t have her first photo shoot until she was 2 months old, and Pippin was a month old at his first.

    • Haley says

      I so regret not getting some for sweet Lucy! And now she’s in a phase where she doesn’t want pictures taken of her so I have to be sneaky to get a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

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