This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 58

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This little gal has settled in big sisterhood so beautifully. I am just gobbling her up these days.

On the Homestead:

It’s been rainy and muggy, but we’ve gotten some great produce from our garden:


Prep for an Italian meal in honor of St. Maria Goretti. Tomatoes, herbs, and peppers all from our front yard!


And this guy harvested our first watermelon of the summer and won an 8k for his age group on the same morning! But don’t be too impressed, I drank an entire cup of coffee and took a bath before he got home from the race so…..a super productive morning for everyone! Wink.


And this little elven beauty continues to be the snuggliest thing ever. And she gave me a five hour stretch of sleep the other night! What a lovey!


The Quotable Benjamin (at 4 years old):

Don’t waste food, Mama. That’s like stealing from the poor. At least, that’s what Pope Francis says.” How are you so cool, kid? Kind of makes up for when you bit me last week during a preschooler cyclone of rage, you little stinker.

“Faith of our fathers living still, in spite of dragons, fire, and sword.” (If you’re going to forget some of the words to classic hymns, might as well make your version awesome.)


How to Survive a Fairytale: Verily Magazine (Have I told you how much I adore this magazine?)

The Pixar Theory: Jon Negroni (This is likely completely nonsense, but it’s genius.)

Hundreds Call to Adopt Down Syndrome Baby: Washington Times

There’s a Giant Inflatable Mr. Darcy Floating in London’s Hyde Park: How About We

Happy weekend!



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  1. says

    Daniel has to be the best posterboy for Hipster Catholic Dads! 😉 And now I can’t hear anything but Benjamin’s version when I listen to that song – but hey we love images of saints and angels batting dragons so it fits right?

  2. says

    Very lovely kids, but the baby… The hair… I just wanted to reach through the screen and touch that lovely patch of soft baby hair! So cute! Blessings as you are now outnumbered with parent to kid ratio AND try to sleep. And feed them. And grow a garden. I was also wondering how you got that fish to grow from the garden? 😉

    • Haley says

      Thank you! It hasn’t been QUITE as wild around here as I thought it would be with three. But she’s a pretty easy baby!

  3. says

    I love those lyrics! Sounds like something my son would make up, haha. How much Lucy seems to grow these days! I think teeny babies with hair are so adorable – Who am I kidding – I think all babies are adorable. I have major baby fever right now.

    • Haley says

      I feel like Lucy grows so much each week! I love the stage she’s in and I kind of want her to stay here forever 🙂 18months to 2.5 might be my favorite age.

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