Sharing About Almost Becoming “The Smug Mom” and Hello Due Date!


Today you can find me over at Mama and Baby Love sharing about how I almost became “The Smug Mom.” 

In other news, it’s Baby Gwen’s due date (c’mon little Carrot!) and my sweet, sweet, saintly mother just picked up the other two kids so that I can TAKE A NAP. Heavenly, no?! I feel so sleepy that I don’t even WANT to go into labor because I don’t have the energy. Thank you, Mom! I’m sure I’m feel so much better after a good nap and then I have an acupuncture appointment this afternoon to see if we can get things moving and meet this sweet baby!

Prayers appreciated! This mama is ready to be holding a baby instead of waddling around and groaning about still being pregnant :)



  1. says

    Hang in there Haley! I had my Cass on May 14, 4 days overdue, and those 4 days were so very long. I did everything but castor oil, too, but she came on her own time. Prayers for a safe and beautiful delivery.

    • Haley says

      Lucy was 10 days late and it was……awful, haha. Gwen’s only 2 days late so far…and it feels like an age :) Thanks for your prayers!

  2. says

    The last bit is SO HARD! I was seven days past with my second, and there were no affirming words that made me feel better. So, all I’ve got is: xoxo!

    • Haley says

      I went TEN DAYS late with Lucy so I’m just bracing myself for another week, but trying to stay hopeful that it will be this weekend. Thanks for the love! :)

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