Motherhood, Hard Times, Fear, and Love

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As Mother’s Day approaches and Baby Gwen’s due date nears, I’ve been thinking about motherhood and trying to wrap my mind around the idea of the labor that will begin any day and the reality of a new little soul waiting to join our family. I also have about 4 brain cells left in my 38 week pregnant brain (I forgot what we planned to eat for dinner 3 times yesterday and had to keep asking Daniel), so I’d like to share some links to my favorite Carrots posts on motherhood from the archives:

A Letter to My Former Self When Became a Mother

“Nothing can prepare you for the sight of that stretching, crying, smiling, dreaming, little one that makes you feel that you are looking at your very heart outside of your body. At every moment for the rest of your life, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, part of you will be thinking about your child…” 

When Motherhood is Hard…

“I think motherhood can be a little bit like marriage. Sometimes it is just pure bliss. Other times, well, it’swork. And when you’re in the midst of those times, it’s hard to imagine that it will get better. But the truth is, it does and suddenly the struggle behind you is like a blip on the screen in your long journey” 

There’s No Paycheck for Motherhood: Finding Value in the Home

“I think we need an entirely different perspective. One that doesn’t equate value with money and liberation with consumption

A Mother’s Love, A Mother’s Fear

It was the night that we brought our firstborn home from the hospital and I was crying like my heart would break

 It might be quiet around Carrots during the next couple of weeks. Our internet is down (hopefully getting fixed tomorrow!) and I’m focusing all my efforts on preparing for sweet Baby Gwen. For those of you on baby watch, there’s lots of contractions here and there but no “real” ones so I think this little lass has decided to stay put for a few more days. If I haven’t answered your email or comment this week, mea culpa! With any luck, I’ll catch up this weekend 🙂




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    May God bless and protect you!!! Be easy on yourself ~ I think everyone here would understand if you can’t get to your emails, etc!!! Your focus must be on your family and your soon DV baby girl!!! Will say a prayer for you…

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