This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 39

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We had a lovely break from chilly weather and tried to get as much Vitamin D as we could from the gorgeous Florida sunshine at the park. Can I just tell you that this little sundress SLAYS me?

And I think I’m (finally) caught up on responding to comments. So, if you left a comment this week that never received a response, go back and check it out. I try to respond to every single comment I receive. It means so much to me that my readers take the time to A) read my posts and B) leave insightful comments. I want to give offer that same thoughtfulness to all my readers to show how much I appreciate them, but sometimes I get way behind. So, mea culpa! I’m at least caught up for now 🙂

Thank you so much for your great feedback on my Goals for the New Year post regarding Carrots. I mentioned that I felt some pressure to narrow the focus of Carrots (because that’s supposed to be good blogging) but I’m so glad that you don’t want me to! I don’t want to either! I do have one question for you. Should I rename Carrots? I mean, I would keep the Carrots part, but is the Michaelmas too hard to remember and too hard to spell? Whenever I tell anyone the name of my blog they say, “Carrots for what?” Would it be easier to track down with a simpler name? And what would I change it to? Dilemmas!

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: Candlemas is quickly approaching on February 2nd. This is the feast that celebrates the presentation of Christ at the Temple and the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary forty days after Christmas. This is the event described in the Gospel of Luke when the Virgin and St. Joseph present Jesus at the Temple and the faithful Simeon and Anna behold and recognize Jesus as the Messiah they have been waiting for. You can read one of my very first posts about the first time we celebrated Candlemas three years ago, but DEAR ME, the photos are so awful. I mean, I’m far from a passable photographer now but whoa Nelly….the pics are bad. Ye have been warned.

Pregnancy Update: 22 and a half weeks over here. Lots of kicks from Baby Gwen and I already look like I’ve got a bowling ball in my shirt. Benjamin and Lucy have both started rubbing my tummy which is just precious. The bad news is that the pregnancy nausea is back, it’s just arriving each night around 7:30. Obvious solution: just go to sleep at 7:30 to escape it. Problem solved!


Book Love: Finished this wonderful gem last week and I’m on to Wuthering Heights (a re-read for me). I literally SOBBED my way through the end of the book. It’s wonderful. If you haven’t read any of The Penderwicks, please, please, I beg you, get thee to a library! They’re delightful. Mary Susan wrote a great post about why they’re such good reads.

Links (Book List Edition): I recently shared what books I read in 2012 and which ones are on my to-read list for 2013. It was a blast reading all of your comments about books you read and your fantastic recommendations that I am adding to my list! I was inspired this week by a few reading lists from other bloggers and wanted to share them in case you’re still looking for some good reads:

Books Read in ’12 and Books to Read in ’13: two Os + more

Bedside Books for 2013: Molly Makes Do

My Best Books of 2012 List: fountains of home

Books Read in 2012: Living the Liturgy

In the Garden: We are up to our ears in Chinese Cabbages. Who has a great kimchi recipe?


And Daniel is building a new chicken coop. This photo makes me laugh out loud. You’re welcome, world.


I think it’s the backwards hat that just kills me. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend! We’re just spending time with family and getting that chicken coop built 🙂



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  1. says

    Haley, please don’t change! Seriously…I was attracted to your blog by the title. “Carrots” for your gardening, for the cooking, for Anne, for you the occasional redhead. And “Michaelmas” tells the world right away that this is a blog about liturgical living as well. If they don’t know the word, it’s so easy and only getting easier these days to transfer the information electronically. I really hope you don’t change it! xoxo

    • Eva says

      Here, here! Please don’t change your blog title. I love that you refer to Michaelmas. So few people use the old way of referring to the feast days. It spoke volumes to me about you when I read the title alone. That you have a romantic, reverent attitude to the past, that you have a blog concerning spiritual, liturgical life, and that you’re an intelligent well read young lady. That one word, Michaelmas, it’s the key! It’s memorable and it makes for a wonderful blog name.

    • Haley says

      Betsy (and Eva), that’s really encouraging–partly because I’m fond of the name and partly because it would be a HUGE hassle to change it (and change the URL, etc). Thanks!

  2. Rachel says

    Keep the Michaelmas. You’re right in step with the move to restore some of the lost treasures of the Church. And it sounds so English (like me). I’ll bet it crops up in Downton Abbey somewhere.
    I read your book posts. Orthodoxy arrived from Amazon the other day. My downstairs book is Sword of Honour and my upstairs one is Mary Barton by Mrs. Gaskell. The Penderwicks is on hold at the library. Thanks.
    I just found your blog through a recommendation. Lovely.

    • Haley says

      Thanks, Rachel! We like to quote Sense and Sensibility: “If I don’t have the two of you married before Michaelmas, it will not be my fault!”

      Love your current reads! 🙂

  3. says

    I am so enjoying reading your blog on a regular basis. I like the name, even though I can’t seem to find why you titled it this. Thank you also for your Liturgical updates…love this part! I have never read anything about The Penderwicks….you have me iuntrigued! HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME TO READ SO MUCH!?!?!?

    • Haley says

      I will have to do a little post about the title sometime. I’m not sure I’ve ever really written one up!

      I really think the most helpful thing we do to encourage reading is that we don’t have a TV (we do have netflix streaming and once or twice a week the kids will watch something and Daniel and I probably watch a TV show once a week). And my husband really loves to read so it’s something we can enjoy together snuggled on the couch. (He’s an introvert and I’m an extravert so sometimes I have to remember that he needs a break from my constant stream of words.) And it’s really fun to read our favorite passages to each other and discuss the ideas we’re learning about. And we really try to keep our lives simple and not have too many obligations, especially in the evenings which is usually our reading time. Also….you would probably understand better if you saw the state of my housekeeping 😉 Book time usually takes priority over cleaning time and…it shows, haha.

  4. Pam says

    I have recently found you while searching for Catholic blogs. I have really enjoyed all of your posts so much and have found that we read a lot of the same blogs. I too am due with a daughter in late May and will enjoy reading about your pregnancy. I really wanted to thank you for your goal posting. I have had such a hard time trying to name this little one, I have 3 daughters and a son and have used all my many loved girls names. After reading your post and thinking I should really read about more Saints I remembered a book I had bought a couple of years back. After finding it an unbelievable feeling came over me that Catherine should be her name. I am now reading my book on Catherine of Siena and I that feeling couldn’t have been more right.

    • Haley says

      Congrats on your newest pregnancy! How fun that we’re due the same time. My due dates the 22nd, what’s yours?

      I just learned about St. Catherine of Siena last summer when I read Sigrid Undset’s Catherine of Siena. If you haven’t read it, you should! It’s really wonderful. Undset wrote one of my favorite books ever: Kristin Lavransdatter. Catherine is such a lovely, classic name. One of the names I’m holding close to my heart if we’re ever blessed with another little girl after Gwen, is Rosemary Catherine and the Catherine would be for St. Catherine of Siena. Thanks so much for sharing about your little one’s name!

  5. says

    I’m chronically jealous of your constant beautiful produce! I can’t even imagine it in January! But I hope its as delicious as it looks.

    And thanks so much for the link as usual Haley!

    • Haley says

      I can’t even imagine how many tiny person socks and gloves must exist to keep your kiddos warm! Honestly, at least once a week, I think… does Christy manage all the SOCKS?! Loving your blog, as always. I’m dreaming of some universe where we get to share a cup of coffee in real life…

  6. says

    Thanks for the shout-out, Haley! And I agree with the others, I think the beauty of Carrots is that we get a great overview of all of the things that interest you and you’re still able to focus on a few very specific topics. The variety is what keeps me coming back…that and the fact that I think we probably knew each other in another life. 🙂 Seriously, I’m so impressed with the work you’ve put into your blog and am very excited for you that it’s growing so much. Keep it up, friend!

  7. Claire says

    I agree with the others! And it was such fun to read this update!! Thank-you for your lovely reply to my email a little while back, by the way! God Bless! Claire

    • Haley says

      Well, maybe I can just keep it as is! I love the name and I shudder to think of moving to a different URL and all the technical hassle…..ugh. Loved receiving your email, Claire. Thanks 🙂

  8. says

    Hi Haley!

    Would The Penderwicks be interesting to a 7 year old boy? I noticed the series in the Kindle free reading section and was wondering if the stories are of interest to both girls and boys since it seems to be about a family of girls.

    • Haley says

      Hi Ann, I really think they would be. The plot of the first one in the series centers around the four sisters befriending a boy and the summer adventures they have. So there’s a boy main character. And the books aren’t painfully “girly.” Hope your family loves them!

    • Haley says

      Great list! It’s been awhile since I read any of the Lewis books and I’m probably due for a re-read. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn 🙂

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