This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 36

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I hope you had a beautiful Christmas Day! Look at this big girl with piggy tails opening her stocking at Daniel’s folks house:

We still have our tree up, lights shining, and I refuse to stop using our Christmas china cups until Epiphany. Especially since we received this amazing coffee mill from Daniel’s family for Christmas. A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

In the Liturgical Year: We’re smackdab on the middle of Christmastide enjoying our plans for the 12 Days of Christmas. Tonight we’re singing Christmas carols with a few friends, eating cookies, and drinking hot apple cider. On Tuesday we’re celebrating the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God and it’s a Holy Day of Obligation so don’t forget to make it to Mass 🙂

Quote: I love this quote Sarah shared on FB yesterday:

 “The beauty of the Gospel touches our hearts, a beauty that is the splendor of truth. It astonishes us, again and again, that God makes himself a child… so that we may love him, so that we may dare to love him, and as a child trustingly lets himself be taken into our arms. It is as if God were saying: I know that my glory frightens you, so now I come to you as a child, so that you can accept me and love me.”
(Pope Benedict XVI, Christmas Homily, Midnight Mass, 2012).

In the Garden: So many greens, sweet potatoes, and carrots. And even a valiant sunflower that struggled to bloom on Christmas Day!

Pregnancy Update: I’ll spare you all my whining about the continued nausea and vomiting. We’re having our big ultrasound next week (on Daniel’s birthday!) and I cannot wait to find out our baby’s gender and share with you! Let’s start a poll. Leave your prediction for Baby Carrot’s gender in the comments 🙂

The Quotable Benjamin:

Listening in to Benjamin playing with his new pirates and pirate ship: “I need you to come up here, please.” “OK! I’ll be there in just a minute!” Most polite pirates ever?

“Who is God’s grandpa?”

“How do you spell ‘I love you, Mama’?”

“I want to ride a bear soon.”

“Do mice have beards?”


Mama Time: shouting hallelujah (A beautiful reflection from a new mother.)

The Best Part of Homeschooling (Enjoying Them): Simple Homeschool

Instagrams Worth Sharing: (I’m carrotsformichaelmas on IG)

We are very into dollies these days.

My sweet loves.

Ok, folks. What are your predictions for Baby #3’s gender? My guess is boy!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmastide!



p.s. More severe morning sickness and then Christmas fun have me completely behind on responding to comments and emails. So sorry and I’ll catch up soon, promise!

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  1. Yaika says

    I’m also guessing boy. Though for the record, any baby of yours is just bound to be adorable and awesome. So excited for y’all to find out!

  2. Kim Chrisman says

    Could your babies be any cuter? I’m guessing boy since my worst pregnancy sickness was with my son. Was 30 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten how awful it was. So worth it though!!

    Kim Chrisman

    Ps: the Benjamin quotes are the best:)

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