This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 34

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The world is a lovelier place this week, because my gorgeous, stunning, and perfect baby niece, Vivienne, arrived in it!

Isn’t she beee-aaaa-uuuu-tiful! We’re so happy that Benjamin and Lucy have a little cousin who lives right down the road. And so grateful for the safe delivery since my SIL had some complications late in pregnancy. Thanks for your prayers for them. She is precious.

And thank you everybody who participated in linking up with our first Little HolyDays from Carrots, MollyMakesDo, and Dualing Moms! Your posts sharing about your traditions and Advents reflections have been such a delight to read.

Coming Up In the Liturgical Year: Tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! We don’t have any family traditions, other than attending Mass,  for this Solemnity. Do you? We had a wonderful St. Nicholas Day yesterday! How was yours? Even with lots of excitement this week, our evenings have been quiet and candle-lit and lovely. It’s also the first Advent in three years that I haven’t had a sinus infection, so I feel like I’m actually getting to enjoy it and prepare for Christmas!

Pregnancy Update: Almost 17 weeks! I haven’t taken any Zofran in the past three days and haven’t thrown up yet but am slightly queasy 24/7. Is the morning sickness almost over? Please, please, please. Thank you so much for your prayers during these difficult first weeks of pregnancy sickness. Your encouragement has meant so much. I even received the prettiest package of gingery treats for the nausea and a precious hand-knitted baby hat from sweet Abbey. I can’t wait to put the hat on Baby Carrots tiny little head when he/she arrives. What a delight! I’m about to retire my pre-pregnancy jeans for a good long while. I love you, skinny jeans! See you in a year (or two.)

In the Garden: Still tons of delicious greens like Swiss Chard and salad lettuces! And Daniel harvesting some of our sweet potatoes:

What’s growing in your garden?

The Quotable Benjamin:

Daniel reading aloud to Benjamin: “He gave away his possessions in sheer despair.”
Benjamin: “What? How do you shear a bear?”

“Thanks for your patience while I was on the phone.”
“Well, it was an accident. I wanted to come bug ya, but I was going potty for a long time.
At least he’s honest?

Things Benjamin wanted to pray for the other night: “Aunt Vanessa and Baby Vivienne, no hurricanes, all babies, Africa, and people who are fighting hippopotamuses.”


There are so many I want to share from the Little HolyDays linkup, so I’ll just send you there to check out all the wonderful Advent contributions!

Here’s some other things I’ve been reading this week:

The Elf on the Shelf, an Advent Rant from Rosie: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Christmas gifts aren’t a reward for good behavior; like grace, they come whether we deserve them or not, because we are loved. By all means, encourage better behavior in your children during Advent, but do it by helping them prepare their hearts to receive Jesus, not by bribing them to earn more gifts.

Ugly Advent Wreath Pinterest Round-Up: Fountains of Home

I’m sure each of these wreath makers had the very best of intentions, and my Advent wreath ain’t nothin’ fancy. But just try to get through this post without laughing out loud.

Regretting Your Marriage Doesn’t Mean It Was a Mistake by Marissa Nichols

Believe it or not, some of the most saintly couples that currently walk this earth have been there.  They have endured addiction, adultery, abuse, depression…sometimes all at once.  And many have walked the healing path and come out victorious.

Instagram Worth Sharing (you can follow me, carrotsformichaelmas, on IG):

A very sweet girl rockin’ her St. Nicholas Day dress.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I’m going to be completely unplugging this weekend so I won’t be moderating/answering comments or emails. See you next week!



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  1. says

    Oh, both little baby girls are so cute! And the honesty from your little boy is hilarious!
    I hope your queasiness subsides soon. Ooof.
    Thanks for the LMLD shoutout!

  2. Monica says

    I adore seeing pictures of your baby bump! We are 19 weeks, so just before you!
    Hopefully there is a (qck) end in sight to feeling lousy – sometimes when I am feeling awful, I try to imagine what it was like for Mary to ride a donkey while 9 months pregnant…. Yikes.

    Had to say: I was feeling the loss of my skinny jeans too (lived in them this year) and I found a pair of great maternity ones from Shade Clothing – they actually fit like regular jeans but are very generously stretchy w/o looking like spandex. they were an investment but I’ve worn them every day since I bought them, so it was worth it!
    I also bought some maternity “rock star” jeans from old navy & they are serviceable but not as comfortable (they definitely run small) and look more like jeggings :p than skinny jeans.

  3. says

    Omigoodness-Lucy’s dress has me melting! She is so sweet! And Benjamin’s prayers are hilarious, sometimes Dom throws in random stuff like that too and its always so funny!

    And thanks for the link too 😉 Have a good weekend!

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