This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 33

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First of all, I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments on this post:

You had such thoughtful and interesting things to say. I really have the cleverest and most inspiring readers. In case you haven’t been back to look at the comments, I want to share this one from my college friend, Meg who shared the NYTimes article with me in the first place:

I grew up in a trailer park in a tiny mobile home (full of books) with a young widowed mother. She loved me and my brother and above all, Christ, with a real ferocity. We had no money and very few material possessions, but we had the best of creativity, her time, her devotion, her imagination, her discipline, her attention, her prayers, and her sacrifice. She taught me to be content in any circumstance, to be open-handed with what little I have, to know that loving my possessions too much is a kind of slavery but a life with Christ is a life of richness and freedom. She taught me to trust and delight in his providence. What did I lack? Nothing. I would not accept 2 million dollars if it meant losing any of the things she taught me.

I just think that’s such a beautiful tribute to a clearly amazing mama.

Round these parts it was a full week. It started out great and Benjamin and I finally got back into the swing of doing some homeschooling activities which had completely fallen by the wayside during the Nausea Circus of Doom that was my first trimester.

We were focusing on the Letter C this week so Benjamin wanted to draw kitty Cat tails (like you do).

Things took a turn when Lucy woke up with a fever of 103.5 of Wednesday. Two trips to the pediatrician later, she’s still feeling like a grumpy bear. She’s such a happy baby that I know she must be feeling really crummy to be so fussy. Seems like a virus that turned into an ear infection.

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: Advent, Advent, Advent! The waiting we’ve been waiting for is almost here. This week Benjamin and I made our Advent candles from this wonderful kit by Toadily Handmade. He is just dying to light the first one!

You know that moment when you open up the box you thought you kept the Advent wreath in and it isn’t there? No? Oh. Well, then nevermind, nothing to tell here! Ahem.

Here’s a few Adventy links to get you inspired:

Advent: Embracing the Season Fully  and Advent: Starting Family Traditions by Sarah at  Two Ortizes Plus More

It’s About Christ the King and Baby Jesus: Elizabeth Foss

Colorable Jesse Tree Symbols: Waltzing Matilda

A No-Panic Advent: Karen Edmisten

And from here at Carrots:

How We Celebrate Advent

 Holy Time: Observing Advent Instead of Fighting Santa

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And pretty please, don’t forget about the Little HolyDays link up here on Monday, Dec. 3rd! I’m so excited to read about your ideas, reflections, traditions, food, music, you name it! And just to be clear, you don’t have to be Catholic to participate. So bring on those posts (old or new) on Monday and feel free to grab this button for your sidebar!

Pregnancy Update: At 16 weeks I’m still queasy but it’s easing up (Praise God!). I’m definitely enjoying the second trimester energy boost (which for me means going to bed at 9 instead of 7:30.) And I finally felt baby kick a couple of nights ago. We have a favorite girl name and a favorite boy name picked out already and I’m dying to share them with you but I think I’ll wait until we get our big ultrasound late this month. I’m still guessing boy. Anybody else want to chime in with a guess?

The Quotable Benjamin: 

“I think the oatmeal is ready! Ready for a little boy! Ready for a little boy who loves oatmeal and his name is Benjamin!” – my three-year-old, oatmeal aficianado

“You shouldn’t mess with hyenas because they might have diseases. But you might need to mess with it if you plan on killing it to eat it, except it might not want to get killed and might bite us so…you just might not want to mess with it.” -my three-year-old, animal safety expert

Instagrams Worth Sharing:

You can follow me (carrotsformichaelmas on IG) and see my mediocre photography all week long 🙂

The little town where I go to teach my ballet classes is all dressed up for Christmas and I feel like I stepped into It’s a Wonderful Life whenever I drive through downtown.

Lucy snuggling with my brother on Thanksgiving Day. He’s single, Catholic, and handsome…just sayin’, ladies 😉

The gals in our front yard.

A big thank you to everyone who has been going through my amazon links or search widget (on the right sidebar) for their Christmas shopping! I receive a tiny portion of the sale made through my links and every little bit helps. Just wanted to say I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you a happy and wonderful weekend!



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