Happy Birthday, Bright Star!

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Sweet Lucy’s first birthday was almost three weeks ago, but in typical “I’m pregnant and behind on everything” fashion, I’m way overdue for a Happy Birthday reflection:

Dear Lucy,

The afternoon before your first birthday my morning sickness suddenly improved a little bit. After weeks of barely functioning, I wasn’t sure how long this no-vomiting spell would last so we called your grandparents, aunt, and uncles and invited them to an impromptu birthday party to celebrate your precious life. I whipped up some raspberry-orange cupcakes and big brother Benjamin picked lots of bright yellow flowers and little orange marigolds from the garden to decorate.

You looked so beautiful and grown up in your party dress and loved being the center of attention (for once!)–twirling and dancing and laughing.

Sweet girl, I can’t find words to explain the gift you are to our family each day. From the minute you were born you were the perfect complement to Benjamin’s wild, crazy, fun,  high-energy, and high-needs personality. You have been happy, calm, easy going, sunny, independent, and joyful from the very first minute of your life. You love your big brother so much and have taken to giving him slobbery kisses whenever you get a chance. He adores you and is constantly watching out for your safety and your happiness. You make each other laugh all day and you really are starting to become his playmate. Your love for each other is one of the most beautiful and satisfying things I have ever experienced. Seeing you love each other fills my heart to overflowing.

Even though you are the most relaxed baby I’ve ever seen, you take after your big brother in doing eveything a little ahead of schedule. You were walking at 10 months and have been saying real words since you were 8 months. Your favorite thing to say is still, “Hi, Dada” whenever he gets home or when you pretend to call him on the phone.

You literally squeal with joy when he walks in the door. And he adores his baby girl. Be prepared to see him lose his mind when you want to go on your first date.

You have taught me that if I let you take the lead and show me when you are ready for the next step, you will transition beautifully and easily. When I found out you were going to be a big sister and you were still waking up several times a night to nurse, I was worried that we were in for some difficult (and sleepless) nights. But you easily moved to two night wakings and then none almost completely by yourself. I was so worried there would be tears and battles! Just after your birthday when nursing became a challenge because my milk supply was tanking, you decided you would be fine without it and went from being the baby that nursed all day and night for a year to the toddler that would settle down happily to bed at night without nursing to sleep. It wasn’t what I planned for you. I hoped to be nursing you at least until you turned two, but I was so proud of how beautifully you made this first little sacrifice for your new brother or sister. You just amaze me and you’re so different from your brother!

You’ve started to want to give us kisses all the time and it makes my heart explode when you run across a room with your lips puckered and your arms out to give Daddy or I a precious kiss. At least 50 times a day, I kiss your cheek and say “I love you, Lucy.” I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect baby for our family. Your laughter, dancing, and grins fill our home with a joy I couldn’t have ever imagined. I can’t wait to see you become a big sister next year.

Lucy, we love you so. You are our bright star and the light in our eyes. I find myself saying little prayers all day, “Thank you for my babies, Lord,” with tears in my eyes when my heart is just too full of love for you and your brother. We are so glad that you are our little girl. Happy Birthday, Lucy Elanor.



(Last photo credit: Lauren of Simply Inspired Mama)

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  1. Miriam says

    Happy belated birthday to Lucy! This beautiful letter will be something she will sure cherish in the future as a wonderful birthday gift.

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