Happy Birthday, Mary (from a 3-year-old)


It’s a birthday weekend at our house. My father-in-law’s birthday was yesterday and I get to share a birthday (27!) with Our Lady today. When Benjamin heard that we would be celebrating Mary’s birthday, he asked to make her a card. “Blue paper because she loves blue. And a pink cake with candles on the front.” Blue and pink, Our Lady’s colors of faithfulness and love.

Here’s what he asked me write to her inside:

We love that you are the Mother of Our Lord. We like that you like people and like things. We like that you’re our Mary and that you like critters. We should go up to heaven and do something with you! We love you! Happy Birthday, Mary!

I think he said it better than I could. We love you. Happy Birthday, Mary!




  1. Autumn says

    I found your blog a week ago and I’m so glad! You’re truly a kindred spirit- our tastes in literature especially, but pretty much everything else too. Feel like I’ve found a new friend. Happy birthday to you and to Mother Mary too!

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