This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 26

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Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and…I get to share her birthday! Did I choose a good day to be born, or what?

In the Garden:

Baby broccoli and brussel sprouts!


7 Tips for Creating a Love of Reading in Your Kids: Simple Mom

The Benefits of Backyard Chickens: Mama and Baby Love (by yours truly)

Aztec Hot Chocolate Recipe: A Beautiful Mess

The Grip of Ritual: Simcha Fisher

The Quotable Benjamin:

I did NOT lose my privilege because privileges aren’t a thing.”  -Benjamin, logician (grammarian?)

I’m gettin’ old and forgetful.”

(When Lucy was destroying a lego creation) “Lucy! NO! You’re….you’re….you’re just being Mister Naughty Girl!” (I’m grateful that the meanest thing he could think of to say.)

Instagrams Worth Sharing (I’m haleyweasley if you would like to follow me):

Date night at a farm to table restaurant! Daniel’s parents give us the amazing gift of childcare every Friday evening so we can have a date night. Since we’ve been practicing ecological breastfeeding, it’s just been recently that I’ve been separated from Lucy for more than an hour at a time, so she just started joining Benjamin for special night at “Ooma” and “Oompa”s. Dinner just the two of us. Amazing, yes? Don’t hate me for having the best in-laws ever.

Dinosaurs are surprisingly snuggly.

I am so in love with this beautiful rosary made by Melanie of Trendy Traditions.  It has green glass beads with roses for the Our Fathers and small white pearl accents. The crucifix and center are hand cast from an antique rosary. And it has Benjamin, Lucy, and Daniel’s names on the middle three decades.

This Week on Carrots:

 Bookshelf Love: Our Library Shelves





Kids in the Kitchen: Introducing Your Children to Cooking




There’s No Paycheck for Motherhood: Finding Value in the Home


Happy Friday! Looking forward to a fun birthday weekend with family! Daniel and I might even go see a…wait for it….movie. Has anybody seen Moonrise Kingdom? I love Wes Anderson films and I haven’t seen it, yet. I also haven’t been to a movie since……..Harry Potter 7.2? Do people still go to the movies?

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  1. Megan says

    If you like Wes Anderson you MUST see Moonrise Kingdom. Soooo good and just hilarious! Might be my very favorite of his.

    • Haley says

      Sounds so good! Gonna try to work it into the schedule tonight. Trying to figure out how to do movie AND dinner before we need to pick up Lucy for bedtime…

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