When We Were Away: A Photo Post

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Today I wanted to share some pictures of our 12 day trip to the Carolinas. These I took with my real camera, but I’ll probably sneak some of my instagrams (haleyweasley) from the week in Friday’s This Week’s Miscellany. I’m still catching up on emails, comments, etc., so if you haven’t heard back from me, it’s not because I don’t think you’re grand! I’ll get back to you soon, promise!

On our trip we relaxed, read, enjoyed extended family, watched Olympics, and took lots of walks so Benjamin could find salamanders in the creek bed and Lucy could spot deer (or “de-ah!”). Other than feeling a little crummy from a cold/cough that I haven’t quite gotten over, it was wonderful.

It was so fun to be all together with no schedule or obligations. Benjamin didn’t even want to come home.

“I’m keeping my eyes open for deer, flowers, and blackberries!”

These sweet loves! They were such good little travelers.

Although they had their moments…”I am NOT in time out!”

B loved getting to have Daddy around to play with all day every day.

I think Daniel enjoyed it, too 🙂

Lucy watching the otters play with Daddy and Grandaddy.

Mr. Big Brown Eyes was digging all the vacation treats.

And this little gal stole everyone’s heart.

“Are we on vacation?!” he asked us each morning.

And if I have to say goodbye to crisp mountain air and suffer through August in Florida, at least I’ve got my precious ones to keep me company 🙂

You can check out pics of our mountain trip last year with a smaller Benjamin and a bigger me (pregnant with Miss Lucy) if you wanna. And I have a new post up at Mama and Baby Love: 5 Essential Newborn Items. It’s my minimalist’s guide to simple baby gear. Enjoy!

Did you take any sort of vacation this year? 

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  1. says

    I need to see those kids soon! It’s so crazy how fast your little Lucy has grown. Big enough to say words all ready! When we’re all feeling better (we’re sick over here too!) we need to get the kids together again.

    • Haley says

      Yes, Jeni! I don’t feel too bad (and luckily nobody else has caught it) I just have a cough that sounds like I’m dying. Can’t seem to get it to go away but because I still feel fine I’m not really motivated to get it checked out…

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