A Letter to Lucy, at Nine Months…

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Dear Lucy,

Yesterday you turned 9 months old, my little pocket peach. I can’t believe that ¾ of a year has passed since your birth! It’s gone by so fast. Being with you each day brings your Mama so much joy. You are our bright star. You get the biggest grin on your face anytime Daddy, Big Brother or I smile at you. And although I know that every baby is the sweetest and the best, I can’t imagine anything more precious than you, love.

You aren’t the crazy mover your brother was. You can be happy sitting and playing with toys or being held. But you do like to explore and are crawling, climbing, pulling up and cruising on everything you can get your hands on! And you like to say, “Dada” and “Hi!” You think banana, avocado, and sweet potato are swell but mama milk is still your favorite thing.

I can’t believe that I’ve already nursed you more than twice as long as I nursed your brother. Each day of feeding him was a tearful struggle. But with you it’s been everything I’ve ever hoped it could be. Snuggling with you and nursing you to sleep is heavenly. You love to hold onto my hand and play with my fingers while you eat and I can smell your intoxicating baby scent. As you get sleepier you start to rub your eyes and twist your fingers in your hair until your precious eyelids close and your lashes brush your cheeks. I love these times with you. I am immeasurably grateful that we are so close, that you are so content, and that I am able to meet all your needs. Having a little girl is so special!

And Benjamin is over the moon about you. Your big brother squeals with glee when he hears you wake in the morning and runs into your room to say hello. He tells me that you are his “sweetheart” and he is ever so patient and sweet to you. He is always trying to make you laugh and loves for you to wave your arms with excitement when you see him coming to play with you. He is also very protective of you. He tells you, “I’ve got my eye on you, Lucy!” and makes sure that you don’t put anything in your mouth that you might choke on. He also gets very upset when you have to go get your immunizations at the Dr.’s office and he tells me, “I will NOT let you take my sweetheart to get shots! They will HURT HER!” He hates it when you cry and always tries to keep you happy. Daddy and I love to watch you two become such good friends.

It’s hard to remember what life was like before your sweetness and joy entered our family. We love you, sweet girl. Please try not to grow so fast. (Oh, and sleeping through the night for once would be grand as well.)



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