This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 19

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Big night ahead! D and I are going to see Les Mis at a local highschool (first date without Lucy tagging along!). So I’ll post this quick because I have to go get all dolled up :)

In the Garden:

Bell peppers! Tomatoes! Green Beans!

Flowers from Benjamin. I will be so sad if this little boy outgrows picking flowers for his mama.


5 Things I Love About Homeschooling and How I Embrace Them: Simple Homeschool

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Brownie in a Mug (Recipe): The Family of O

The Egg and I and the Promised Land: Margo’s Corner

Homeschooling and the Integrated Life of Mom: Fountains of Home

Over and Over Again: Simcha Fisher

And I know I already shared this on FB but I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT IT: Anne of Green Gables Inspired Wedding

The Quotable Benjamin:

“I’m so glad we have a ‘remembership’ to the Jr. Museum.”

“Big men like to sit on the deck and watch the fire when they grill.” – Benjamin, informing me about the ways of menfolk.

“Wampas are big hairy things. If you ever see a Wampa you should run home and get your light saber and cut its arm off. Because they are NOT good. Aren’t you glad there’s no Wampas in Florida?!”

Pictures Worth Sharing:

New hairs!


My Benjamin and my brother. Also besties.

I loooove this little gal.

He looks ANCIENT in this picture, I tell you! Ancient. I can totally imagine what he will look like as a teenager from this picture.

Early morning read aloud time before Daddy goes to work.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. says

    Oh I so love your hair! It looks so good on you, I’m pretty sure you’d look good with any haircut…I’m jealous!

    And thanks for the link love too!

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