By the sea…


To celebrate my sweet mum’s 60th birthday, we went on a little trip to the ocean to eat at a restaurant built over the water (because it was a dry county in days past). We haven’t been there since the building was rebuilt after being destroyed in a hurricane. Now, why you would want to build your restaurant in the exact same place it recently fell into the ocean in a state that gets hurricanes at least once a year is beyond me…but, it IS a lovely spot. Benjamin has only seen the ocean once before so he was thrilled about the whole idea.

(Benjamin and Grandaddy looking at the water)

(Birthday Girl and Baby Girl)

And now, get ready, because I think this is our first family picture since Lucy was born. (I think maybe there’s a picture of the four of us from last winter but she was fast asleep in the sling, so I’m not sure that counts…):

I’m quite a lucky gal.



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