My First Post as Gardening Editor!


Today I’m over at Mama and Baby Love with my first official post as Gardening Editor!

This post could be titled: “Don’t Lose It If Your Toddler Picks All the Unripe Tomatoes.” (Not that I would EVER do that! Ahem.) In full disclosure, I have definitely lost it when little inquisitive hands prematurely harvested the bounty of our urban garden. Numerous vegetable beds and a chicken coop take up most of our front yard and maintaining our little urban homestead is an important family project…

Head on over to MBL to read the rest of the post about Kids in the Garden: Nurturing a Space for Learning and see cute pictures of Benjamin dwarfed by a giant kohlrabi!

And in the spirit of babies and gardening, here’s a pic of the biggest pumpkin Daniel has ever grown (and also our Lucy Pumpkin):



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