This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 13

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I am a bad mother. I’ll tell you why. We live in Florida and until yesterday, my 3.5 year old son had NEVER seen the ocean. That’s right. He went to the beach for the first time ever yesterday. We’re not exactly beach people. I have super pale Irish skin that sunburns at the drop of a hat and Daniel has a burning hatred for being sandy. But, basically, I was shamed into taking my kids to the beach because  my sweet friend Kaitlin moved here a few months ago and has already taken her 1.5 year old daughter six times. SIX TIMES. So, off to the beach we went. And it ended up being splendid. Lucy was sweetly taking it all in and Benjamin had the biggest grin imaginable as he experienced waves crashing against his knees for the first time. He also wanted to touch every dead crab he saw. Of course. It was a very special day, though. One I will remember forever.

Both little folks fell fast asleep on the way home:

Listening to:

This is one of our favorite summer jams. B loves to sing, “Caaaalifornia! Oooooklahoooma! These are the places I have never been to!”

In the Garden: Feast thine eyes!


The Quotable Benjamin:

(At the beach) “What’s that?” “It’s a life saver, Benjamin.” “Well…it doesn’t look ANYTHING like the ones in Star Wars.”

While reading Noah’s Ark…”We need more camels!”
“More camels….at our house?”
“No, Mama! More camels in our LIFE!”

“I think that ol’ dead crab at the beach really misses us.”


What Nursing a Toddler Really Looks Like: Stephanie Brandt Cornais for the Huffington Post (A great piece by my friend Stephanie! Check out her awesome e-book!)

Don’t Read This Book!: To Bring Shalom (My Dear friend Jessica, an awesome doula, writes about why What to Expect isn’t a good choice for pregnant mamas and what some better alternatives are. I bought WTE just like everybody else and it didn’t dissuade me from natural birth or anything, but Jessica’s post really convinced me to check out her recommendations.)

He Won’t Ever Get to Be Pregnant: Dwija Borobia for Catholic Exchange (I love this. Sometimes I feel like Daniel has do all the work waiting on me when I have my dreadful morning sickness, but he doesn’t get the joy of carrying around a precious kicking, rolling baby.)

Jane Austen Thirteen: Waltzing Matilda (I want to do this for Lucy’s 13th! Or….anyone can feel free to throw me this party for my 27th. Jane. Austen. Love.)

7 Ways New Moms Can Go Green: Green Your Way

How to Make Garlands of Paper Shapes: Simple Homemade (These are just so pretty. Just the sort of thing I like to imagine I would make. I am just SOOO not crafty.)

Keeping Your Child’s Heart Through the Teen Years: I Take Joy

The Mediterranean Secret to Phenomenal Vegetables: Keeper of the Home (here, here!)

Pictures Worth Sharing:

I can’t believe how big and beautiful this little gal is. And she and Benjamin are starting to be real playmates. I left them sitting on the floor together in her bedroom while I sprayed off a diaper this morning and when I got back she was laughing hysterically while he played peekaboo with her. Yesterday they were snuggling on my bed after a big day at the beach and Benjamin looked sweetly at her and said, “Lucy, I LOVE you.” I am so grateful for their precious affection for each other.

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Happy Friday! And have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

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    • Haley says

      Daniel will be pleased to hear that there is yet another reason y’all are twins separated at birth. Praying for you guys! Keep us updated.

  1. says

    We lived in Southern CA for 9 years and I think I can count the number of times we went to the beach on one hand. Sigh. Between the packing up and the unpacking and the traffic and the parking…make a mama crazy!

    Your kids are so very delightful. Love their budding friendship 🙂

    • Haley says

      Oh man! The packing and unpacking! We went with a friend of mine from high school. I never would have made it without someone to help me set up beach umbrellas and carry coolers. And thank you, I think they’re mighty swell. And watching them learn to be little friends is one of the best things I have ever experienced.

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