I Moved!

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Well, the blog moved.

Yes, dear readers, after much gnashing of teeth and much help from those more technologically skilled than I, I have successfully moved Carrots for Michaelmas from WordPress.com to my own domain. Now I can do sponsored giveaways for you all, hooray! The process was far more grueling and dreadful than I thought it would be and there are still some kinks to work out. I’m not sure if all of my links are working yet and I don’t know if there’s any way to get my subscribers by email and Google reader to keep receiving my posts without re-subscribing to the new site.  What a drag! So, to be sure not to miss any posts (I won’t be posting on the old www.carrotsformichaelmas.wordpress.com anymore) be a lamb and subscribe to the NEW site: www.carrotsformichaelmas.com. You can subscribe via email by clicking the link in the upper right of the sidebar or you can subscribe with RSS by clicking the RSS button (also in the upper right).

I think the format is cleaner and easier to read and I’ve added a page to the header for Popular Posts so, hopefully, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for. Do let me know if something isn’t working, won’t you? Thanks. I knew I could count on you. 

Here’s a couple laughs from Benjamin to reward you for getting through all that boring stuff and nonsense:

“We better put the camera away where it goes so a boggart doesn’t get it.”  (I think he might have meant burglar, but boggart is splendid.)

“Hey, Jesus. We saw a opposum today…and we love you.” – (Kneeling before the Host in the chapel of Perpetual Adoration) Maybe we need to work on addressing Our Lord more respectfully than, “Hey, Jesus” but I think the sweet boy’s heart is in the right place.

And a picture of baby girl’s first time swinging at the park:

Hope your week is splendid! Thanks for your patience while I moved the blog and neglected posting because I was tearing my hair out due to my technological woes. You’re the best!


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  1. Sarah O says

    Congratulations on completing the move!
    Also, yay for swinging – cannot wait til my little one is ready to swing! I love Benjamin’s sweet heart – my son is presently enjoying telling stories of St. Joseph and St. George… apparently in his imagination they’re best friends (maybe he’s remembering a bit of heaven?)…

    • Haley says

      Thanks, Luna! I’m so glad. I’m sure there’s still links and such that don’t work, but I like it better, too.

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