It’s Holy Week…


…hence the blogging silence. Until Easter, this will have to suffice, dear folk:

Daniel and our friend Ted butchered a pig on Monday night. Moral of the story: we will be eating ham on Easter Sunday.

My brother will be confirmed in the Catholic Church and receive his first communion on Saturday night. So excited for him!

I found out I’m probably allergic to dairy. Blerg. Almond milk just isn’t the same.

I finished the first of the Hunger Games books. I enjoyed it, but I have mixed feelings about whether I should have enjoyed it. Taking a break from the series until Holy Week is over…

Here’s what we’re listening to this week:

Now it’s time to snuggle this blue-eyed darling:

I hope you have a wonderful Holy Week as we prepare our hearts for Easter!



  1. becki says

    I became Catholic 30 years ago this Holy Saturday. My daughter joined me 20 years ago. Coming into the church on Holy Saturday is a memory I take with me forever. I always attend Holy Saturday to renew my babtism vows. Others complain about how long it is, but for me, it is a renewal of the journey I took to know I wanted to be Catholic. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

    Peace and love to you and yours this Holy Week!

  2. amy says

    That bow! Enjoy your silence.

    I just love your blog, by the by.

    Also, we are moving into a house, our OWN house, next month, and I cannot wait to garden. Your pictures inspire me.

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