The Bounty of the Earth


My husband is a farmer without a farm. So, he has transformed our front yard into vegetable-growing-egg-laying-awesomeness. I don’t remember the last time we had to get store-bought eggs. The ones our chickens Feven, Daughter, and Gas Can lay (chicken names compliments of 3-year-old Benjamin) are amazing.

Right now we’ve growing more delicious lettuce than we could ever eat, peas, green onions, and wonderful herbs: dill, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, thyme.

I made seriously good chicken salad last night and it made the last day of February feel like summer. Oh wait, we live in Florida. The last day of February DOES feel like summer.

And strawberries are super in season so now’s the time to eat some up!

Here’s one more shot of our owl friend who likes to hang around to give the chickens a little excitement for the day.

And for sticking around until the end of the post, a sweet baby picture to tide you over until next time.



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    I’ve never had any luck growing cilantro — it always bolts on me. That may have something to do with my (mid-Atlantic) growing zone, though. I am super jealous of your bounty here: Strawberries in season in February?! This is just obscene. (Which is to say, I want some!)

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      Well, an early spring is the price we pay for muggy, miserable summers! But then again, I’m southern through and through and view a real winter (with, ya know, SNOW and stuff) with a mixture of awe and terror :)

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