3.5 Months


I can’t believe Lucy is already nearing the 4 month mark. Because I see her every day I don’t notice how much she’s grown, but check this out.

First Bath:

This week:

Well, she’s certainly getting cuter. And as my brother tells me, girl isn’t missin’ any meals.

Her smile is absolutely heartmelting.

Baby cute attack.

This morning Daniel ran a half marathon while Benjamin and I ate enough bacon to balance out his absurd fitness skills.

I love that big brother loves Lucy almost as much as she adores him.

After we ate our weight in bacon, I took pictures of Lucy instead of tidying up for B’s dinosaur birthday later. Priorities.

Last night I had Daniel document my attempt at Downton Abbey hair (this show is my current obsession). Sorry for the blurryness.

My, how I love this girl.

Now I’m really going to sweep the floor for the party (or procrastinate by taking a bath with Garden and Gun in hand and a cup of coffee on the edge of the tub).


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