Our Backyard Friend and Other Instagrams

Benjamin ran into the bedroom while I was changing Lucy to tell me with eyes as big as saucers, "I looked out the window and GUESS WHAT I SAW?! AN OWL!!! A BIG 'OL OWL!" Sometimes Benjamin makes up little animal tales like, "Mama, a little kitty cat is coming to visit you!" so I'm never sure exactly what's really happening. But he was VERY excited so I ran to the window and sure enough: giant owl. … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras and Lent

We had some of our new friends over on Fat Tuesday for a New Orleans Feast made by this guy: On the menu was Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Shrimp Dip and Homemade Bread, King Cake, and old timey New Orleans cocktails. I'll post the recipes on Feast! when Daniel has a minute to write them down. Then Ash Wednesday came and we transitioned into Lent. Last year I was battling some … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winner!

....and the winner of the clothbound Penguin Classic edition of Pride and Prejudice giveaway is........ Comment #27: Mandy! Mandy, shoot me an email with your address and I'll have a copy sent to you from Amazon. (haley.s.stewart(at)gmail(dot)com) I hope everyone had a wonderful Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday! … [Read more...]

The Big Ol’ Catholic Reading List

Ok, so it’s not that big and it’s definitely not in the ballpark of comprehensive (would that even be possible?). But, in response to a reader’s request for resources on Catholic teaching, Catholic motherhood, Catholic blogs, and books that influenced our decision to convert, here’s…well, something. It's off the top of my head with a couple suggestions and notes from Daniel. I would LOVE your … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 6

(Don't forget to enter my giveaway: A Beautiful Clothbound Penguin Edition of Pride and Prejudice!) Coming up in the Liturgical Year: Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Lent! I didn't realize that THIS WEDNESDAY will be Ash Wednesday until yesterday! We're having some friends over to celebrate Fat Tuesday (King Cake, and Cajun food!) and I need to decide what I'm giving up for Lent. In the past I've … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY! (NOW CLOSED): Penguin Clothbound Edition of Pride and Prejudice

Well, it's high time for a giveaway! Due to the flu bug hitting our house, Lucy getting pneumonia, and Benjamin having asthma attacks...it's been a pretty lousy past few days. We're still kind of under the weather and Lucy is still coughing, but I think we are at least on the mend. But wow, with two sick kids and a sick mama...mark down yesterday as a big, fat mothering fail that included tears, … [Read more...]

Our Love Story: Part I

We're not very good at Valentine's Day (especially not when 3/4 of our household is sick) but we do love each other an awful lot. Here's a repost of Our Love Story. Here's the first part and you can read parts two and three from the link at the bottom of the post. … [Read more...]

Lucy Pneumonia Update

Thanks to everyone whose been praying for Lucy! She seems to be fighting the parainfluenza bug and the bronchial pneumonia really well. No fever so far, praise God. And she's been sleeping upright in her bouncer to help her breathing. I wasn't sure if we were going to get any sleep last night since she was sniffly and since she's used to sleeping in bed right next to me and would have to … [Read more...]

Update: Pneumonia :(

As the day wore on I felt crummier and crummier even after 2 steam baths, hot hot tea all day, and several cloves of raw garlic. My temp rose to 100 and I decided to go to Urgent Care since Daniel wasn't at work and could stay with Benjamin. My mom drove me and Lucy up there. Even though babygirl had no fever and seemed happy, I asked that they take a look at her, too, since she was congested with … [Read more...]

Wanted: Your Natural Cold Remedies

Ironically, I'm a little bit awesome at going through childbirth without meds, but I'm a complete baby when it comes to dealing with the excruciating condition of having a cold. I think Raleigh's final words in this clip kind of sum it up: That little Tenenbaums reference was for my big brother who HATES Tenenbaum references. Just a little sibling banter. Cute, right? First Benjamin got … [Read more...]