Advent Candles and Resources

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“The liturgical year is not an idle discipline, not a sentimentalist definition of piety, not an historical anachronism. It is Jesus with us, for us, and in us as we strive to make His life our own. It is goad and guide to the kind of personal spirituality that is worthy of the Jesus whose commitment to the Word of God led Him all the way to the cross and beyond it—to Resurrection.”

(Joan Chittister, The Liturgical Year)

Our entire extended family has been a bit out of commission with a pretty miserable cold for the past week so this post is coming a little late. We’re a little bit behind on everything but we’ve been getting ready for Advent. My mom ordered an Advent Candle Making Kit from Toadily Handmade, the only company we could find that offers 100% beeswax advent candles. Benjamin had a BALL making the candles. He thought it was simply grand. They were so easy to make and look so pretty.

He also made a wreath at Marmee’s house last weekend. I’ll post pictures of it when I have a minute.

I’ve found several really helpful Advent-related posts:

Ideas for Celebrating Advent:

Karen Edmisten’s A No Panic Advent: The Monstrously Long Post 

In the Heart of My Home’s Planning Ahead for Advent and Christmas (which I totally failed to do)

My post from last year: Various Things Related to Advent

Advent Book Lists:

Waltzing Matilda’s Favorite Advent/Christmas Books and Advent Basket of Books

Advent Calendar’s:

Passionate Homemaking’s Our Simple Advent Calendar

Simple Mom’s An Easy, No Frills Advent Calendar

Advent Reflections:

SlowMama’s Hello, Advent

My Mom’s blog, Margo’s Corner also has several Advent related posts

And when our household is completely better from the cold that’s been plaguing us (I think it’s just Daniel now that feels crummy), we plan on doing some sort of Jesse Tree. Any great ideas for that?

And don’t forget that tomorrow is that last day to enter my giveaway for beeswax candles from local Full Moon Apiary. Win some candles!

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