Thanksgiving 2011


Lucy donned some fall colors and snuggled with her Grandaddy while last minute preparations were made.

She also snuggled with Marmee. Look at her blue eyes! I wonder if there’s any chance that they’ll stay that way. Benjamin’s were dark grey/brown the moment he was born.

Then she fell asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, just like you’re supposed to.

How wonderful to have our family and friends gathered at our house. And I love Florida were we can eat Thanksgiving dinner outside and enjoy lovely weather!

Our sweet boy had a blast with our full house of folks and was so excited that he hardly ate a bite of food.

But then he needed to snuggle with Marmee for a little while. Also, check out baby sister’s adorable boots.

When I asked him why he was balancing his apple cider on the arm of the couch, he explained, “That’s what Uncle Garrett’s doing.” Fair enough.

Our Thanksgiving was full of wonderful things like too many pieces of Butterscotch Pie, conversation and coffee, and dear folk all around. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, too!




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