This Week’s Miscellany, Vol. 2

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: ADVENT! Yesterday marked the new liturgical year and first day of Advent. It was also the first day we used the new English translation of the Mass. I'll do a post about our Advent preparations soon with some good links for Advent resources. This picture is from last year. Benjamin looks so much smaller than he does now! Listening to:  My dear friend … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY! (NOW CLOSED) Beeswax Candles from Local Apiary: Full Moon Farm

While the boys enjoy a well-deserved nap, Lucy and I are relaxing and coming up with a Giveaway for you, dear reader, as I enjoy a post-Thanksgiving-madness/week-of-illness cup of tea. We're all mostly better, just a little congested. Benjamin's breathing is easier and Lucy never got a fever, so I think we're out of the woods with this bug before the new week begins. Yay! And here's the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2011

Lucy donned some fall colors and snuggled with her Grandaddy while last minute preparations were made. She also snuggled with Marmee. Look at her blue eyes! I wonder if there's any chance that they'll stay that way. Benjamin's were dark grey/brown the moment he was born. Then she fell asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, just like you're supposed to. How wonderful to have our … [Read more...]

I’m Thankful for…

In no particular order... 1. Our Faith- the past two years since our conversion to Catholicism have been so full of grace. Praise the Lord! 2. Our families - the blessings of having all of our family in one place are innumerable! Including... 3. Not having to travel over the holiday weekend! 4. Daniel: most wonderful husband and father I can imagine. Works so hard and takes such good … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany, Vol. 1

  Coming up in the Liturgical Year: Tuesday is St. Cecelia's Day and also the anniversary of Benjamin's Baptism! We're going to light his baptismal candle and we'll probably read Water, Come Down!: The Day You Were Baptized. Listening to: Florence and the Machine: Ceremonials I can't stop listening to "Shake It Out." And her hair...I can't wait til Elizabeth Joy is … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning Date With My Lucygirl

I took this little lady on a coffee date this morning and snuggled her while drinking my cafe con leche and reading the third and final Kristin Lavransdatter book. What a great trilogy! Lucybird's sweater was knit by a beautiful and precious friend in Texas. It was made for Benjamin but I think it looks better on a girl. The buttons are turtles! How cute is that!? These days, I'm also … [Read more...]

The boys

I've got all three littles at our house this morning. So far it's been a little busy watching three but everybody's been happy, fed, and changed without too much chaos! Here's a pic of the boys and their rad dinosaur village they made during baby girl's nap: … [Read more...]

Our House, Part VIII: The Living Room

I finally took some pictures of our living room the other day. Daniel agreed to part with an old armchair that was making things feel cramped. My view was that the chair was looking pretty shabby and nasty after sitting in storage for a few weeks last summer when we were waiting to close on our house...and that's after it was moved four times in Waco...and that's after it was bought used for $25 … [Read more...]

Lucy’s First Bath

We're pretty worn out from lots of night feedings and I think I might be struggling with a plugged duct that I hope doesn't become mastitis. So, we are really taking it easy today and I feel like a loser mom letting Benjamin watch way too many movies about backhoes and excavators as we're all piled in my bed snuggling while I try to nurse Lucy as much as I can. We are reading books and taking a … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Harvest

Daniel did an awesome job growing sweet potatoes this year. This is part of the harvest from the second bed of potatoes he and Benjamin dug up. They are so delicious. Any favorite sweet potato recipes we should tackle? I love sweet potatoes during cool weather! … [Read more...]