Our House, Part VII: Our Bedroom/Lucy’s Room

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I’ve been doing some serious nesting. I was up at 5:20 while Daniel was doing his Holy Hour in the Chapel. After he got home at 6am, I made French Toast and Coffee and finished tidying up our bedroom/Lucy’s room. Then I swept, mopped, dusted, cleaned the baseboards, and even cleaned the blinds. I’m not sure when the last time was that I cleaned baseboards and blinds (my mother is cringing). It is hardly a common occurrence in our house. Yeah, gross, I know. But it’s clean now! I went to Mass at 8am then came back to clean some more. There’s still several projects and spaces in our bedroom that we want to fix/liven up but this is about as clean as it will be so it seemed like the right time to post some pictures.

This is Lucy and my closet. The bedroom has these awesome built-ins just like The Library and Benjamin’s Room.

Here’s Daniel’s tiny closet and the spot he set up for me to put on my makeup and get ready…now that our one bathroom is shared by 4 adults and 1 (soon to be 2!) little one. Amazingly…it’s never really a problem. Not even inconvenient, but we do have the world’s best housemates so…that probably has something to do with how easily it works.

Here’s Lucy’s co-sleeper on the right, next to the bedside table Daniel made me when I was pregnant with Benjamin.


Here’s Lucy’s changing table on the left (modified and painted by Daniel). We hung up the precious Growth Chart that my sweet sister-in-law gave us when Benjamin was born to make Lucy’s changing nook a little more lively. It’s too far away to see them but I even filled up little spray bottles with homemade baby wipe solution*** during last night’s nesting craze. And I put ribbons on the spray bottles. That’s how crazy I’m getting! For those of you who don’t know me very well….I’m not exactly a model housekeeper. And I definitely don’t do ribbons on things. My mother is laughing at me. She does ribbons. She is the model housekeeper.

Now it’s noon on a rainy Sunday and I’m going to make a grilled cheese and then take a nap in case I go into labor soonish. I’ve had some contractions but they still feel more like Braxton-Hicks. I’m not too impatient about labor now. I’m in that late pregnancy insanity where I think I’m going to be pregnant forever. FOREVER.

***Quick note regarding homemade cloth wipe solution. With Benjamin I soaked the wipes in the solution; however, they would start to get moldy really quickly so this time around I’m just gonna use a spray bottle to moisten the cloth wipes.

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  1. says

    It is Marmee again and she neither laughs nor cringes.

    Watching the Blair Family Video reminded that my newly-wed dad and mom rented a one-room apartment, shared a bathroom with another family, and had no kitchen privileges. It makes me very proud of them and of you. They would be proud of your frugality and your good attitude.

  2. says

    Oh! And, in 1952, when my parents moved to San Antonio, TX, they moved into a one-bedroom apartment, while they waited for Randolph Air Force Base housing: that was Dad, Mom, Peggy, and Susan. When they finally moved into base housing, they had no air-conditioning. It was summer, my mom was pregnant with me, and she told me later that she took a shower, every time she went upstairs!

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