Pregnancy Meltdown #2

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Pregnancy Meltdown #1 (approx. 1 month ago): “I waited too long to eat. Now I’m suddenly starving. SOMEONE FEED ME NOW! *Tears*”

Pregnancy Meltdown #2 (this morning, 6:35am): “I couldn’t sleep for the past three nights. *Tears* I am SO TIRED. *Tears* I CAN’T GET UP. *Tears* I HATE the nasty mouse.”

(Mouse explanation to follow presently.)

In dealing with hysterical meltdowns, Daniel takes the fail-proof route of (Phase 1) first giving me a little bit of space. During Phase 1, I sob for a couple of minutes, realize that my behavior is clearly absurd, annoying, and insane, regret my hysteria, feel sorry that Daniel has to deal with me, and begin to calm down. Phase 2 consists of Daniel providing me with food and sympathy: this morning was a plate of almonds, grapes, and cheese brought to me in bed by a cute toddler. By the end of Phase 2, I’m feeling rather silly about my hissy fit and emerge meekly from where I had my tantrum. During Phase 3, Daniel ignores that fact that I acted like a crazy person and treats me like a rational human being. He is a smart man.

Now, for Evil Mouse. Yesterday afternoon while getting the dirty laundry out of the built-in laundry hamper, I thought I saw a bundle of clothes jump. Surely, that’s my imagination, I thought. Opening the laundry hamper caused some to fall, that’s all. Next, I noticed two little nasty Mouse Poop Pellets. Next, I pulled out Benjamin’s sasquatch shirt which was riddled with vile mouse-made holes.

Please note that I do laundry at least once a week and that my house isn’t dirty. In fact, due to nesting, it’s probably the cleanest it’s ever been. Daniel and I hypothesize that the chicken feed we’ve been keeping in the laundry room may have attracted it/them, so he moved it into a plastic bin to keep in the shed instead. Daniel also set some poison traps in places that Benjamin cannot access. Any other ideas for getting rid of this vile trespasser? I could hear it in the wall behind our bed last night. It sounded like it was chewing with it’s disgusting rodent mouth. Each time I woke up during the night, which unfortunately was often due to pregnancy insomnia, I could hear it…mocking me. It also chewed through 3 of my favorite pairs of underwear. Daniel told me he will buy me as much new underwear “as is reasonable” (protecting himself from pregnant irrationality?).

Another thing making me a little blue is the fact that this cute little gal, Ms. Beca, is moving to NYC this weekend:

Here’s us looking fancy for Kellie and Thomas’ wedding last August. We’ve had a fun summer making guacamole and drinking virgin margaritas at Cabo’s while Beca worked and saved money for the big move. We’ll miss you!

Benjamin is already mourning “Aunt Beca’s” absence by wearing the night shirt she gave him.

In other news, I start back at work for the Ballet School on Saturday. We’re having an open house and registration/schedule pick-up. Two months off this summer has been grand–the most relaxing summer I’ve had since…high school? Benjamin and I have just been lounging, swimming, playing, and getting the house ready for our new housemates and Baby Girl. It’s been dreamy. But I’m excited about gearing up to teach again. My little dancers are such lambs and I really enjoy my coworkers and boss. It’s a great job.

Our most recent midwife appt. showed that everything seems to be going well with Baby Girl, praise the Lord! My glucose blood test showed that I don’t have gestational diabetes and everything about my blood work looked good except that I’m a little low on iron, easily remedied. I also didn’t gain 11 lbs like I did last month. (11 lbs in 4 weeks?! How is that even possible?) I can’t believe that I’m 3/4 done with this pregnancy. 10 weeks to go?!


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