A Trip to the Country


Due partly to the beautiful weather that begs for fun excursions and partly to an undeniable craving for Bradley’s Sausage we took a trip up Centerville Road to Bradley’s Country Store on Saturday with Thomas and Kellie.

For those of you so unfortunate to have never experienced Bradley’s Country Store, please remedy this at once. It’s an old-timey general store about 20 minutes outside of Tallahassee. They’ve got all kinds of stuff, but their specialty is sausage.

This is Daniel, Kellie, and Thomas enjoying our treats on the front porch. Note the sign:

To make it a truly southern experience, we paired IBC Cream Soda with our sausage dogs and Kellie insisted on following it up with Moon Pies. We all decided that we draw the line at Moon Pies. Except for Kellie, she’s still all about Moon Pies.

Our porch sitting included discussions on politics and religion. We really made this authentic.

Do people who don’t grow up in Florida think that Spanish moss is pretty? Because I sure do.




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