Our confirmation saints


I have had so much trouble choosing a confirmation saint. I agonized over the decision and literally lost sleep over it. There are so many options! I wanted to chose a saint that was a wife and mother. I finally chose St. Gwen of Brittany. She was a 6th century princess, daughter of King Budic of Brittany, married St. Fracan and had several children, some of whom also were saints. They moved from Roman Britain to Brittany due to pagan invasion and possibly disease. After the death of St. Fracan, she married Eneas Ledewig with whom she bore St. Cadfan. She was kidnapped by pirates twice and taken back to Britain but escaped by walking across the Channel back to Brittany. Eventually, she was murdered by Saxons. Her name in English is St. Wite (Gwen is the Welsh name) and her shrine is one of two in Britain that survived the Reformation. She is sometimes known as St. Gwen Teirbron (Triple-breasted). It is unclear whether she received this appellation due to the large number of children she bore or if she actually had a third breast. Sources differ. Hmm.

Daniel chose St. John of God.


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